Message from the CEO

Enam Nursing College
Dr. Anawarul Quader Nazim, PhD
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I consign all my gratitude to the Almighty for having granted us the ability to establish yet another milestone of medical entity, Enam Nursing College, at Savar, Dhaka, Banladesh.

The current healthcare environment in Bangladesh is indeed remarkably different from the past and it is the health system that shapes the educational system and pathways. The complexity of the healthcare influenced by the increasing life-expectancy, shortening of hospital stays, scientific and technological advances, equality, poverty resolves, decreasing discriminations, disasters, violence and cultural diversity leads to several challenges that threaten the health and wellbeing of the population. 

The roles of nurses are evolving and changing. Nurses can perform health assessment, actively support patients and families in all settings, create innovative models of care, and enhance work processes to raise quality, lower cost and improve access for our society. Nurses can undertake research to find evidence to support new nursing interventions. Nurses can substantially contribute towards strengthening systems to work efficiently in interdisciplinary teams. They can effectively participate and influence policies related to nursing profession. There is a rising demand in terms of manpower both for tertiary and quaternary care, which requires specialized and highly skilled resources including doctors, nurses, clinical technicians and other paramedical staffs. As a result, the demand for trained manpower, especially nurses will continue to increase every year.   

Enam Nursing College is set to make a difference in nursing education and applied care. The built-in advantage of ENC is the proximity of Enam Medical College & Hospital.  With all support-base and core infrastructure, ENC will be a craving identity of the country’s next generation registered nurses. We are making an all-out endeavor to turn ENC into a truly pro-care and pro-profession nursing education center of the country and of the Southeast Asian region, including SAARC. The Senior Staff Nurses will avail themselves of jobs at home and alluring jobs in medical institutions abroad. 

Thank you for your trust in Enam Nursing College. Let me extend my very sincerest good wishes in reciprocating you valued estimation of Enam Nursing College.

Dr. Anawarul Quader Nazim, PhD
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Enam Nursing College, Savar, Dhaka.


9/3, parboti Nagar, Thana Road,
Savar, Dhaka-1340

Sat – Thu 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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